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    Default Re: Screws or Nails?

    inch and a half narrow crown staples with a pneumatic stapler.... Fast and secure.....

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    I made a squaring jig to build my boxes all the same and only have one side exposed so I use TB II and use the screws to hold it in place (two only in the sides, counter sunk). If I use screws I only do the outsides if I use nails I do the fronts and all the fingers. I like the screws, but I am the guy that sands the box when he is done. I am also only building about 25 a year so some overkill is fine. I will say that I only sand the sides, after the first year of sanding all sides I was asked why with my furniture building skills I did not use finger joints. I started leaving fingers unfinished for the look. If it is worth doing, it is worth over doing.
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    Nails with no glue is adequate, since that is how bee boxes have been put together since they were invented in the 1870's. Nails with Titebond II or III should be as strong as it's possible to get them.

    Screws are not much benefit in this application as a very slight over-torque when fully seated will simply strip the wood fibers along the length of the screw and give you a fairly expensive nail with less holding power.

    Pneumatic nailers, as a rule, will not draw a joint tight like hammering a standard nail in will, they are ballistic, not driven. Makes a difference in how the energy is transferred.

    You, of course, can use whatever you like. I'm sort of old-fashioned, and I prefer hot dip zinc galvanized nails if I can find them (they don't rust) and glue. The claptrap about how "galvanizing" doesn't prevent rust is there because the crappy plastic zinc powder coating on "galvanized" plastic coated nails is removed by the friction with the hammer when you drive them, and with the plastic gone, there is no galvanic protection from corrosion and the heads rust. Hot dip nails will not rub through, and do NOT rust, that's why they are zinc dipped. Hard to find through, and may not actually be available new.



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