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Thread: Honey pumps ?

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    I inherited a old one when I bought out a beekeeper. When done for the season how do you suggest cleaning it up and out. I Tore it down to clean out the crystallized honey. And replumb it the way I want it. What grease food or normal to use.

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    As someone who's not a commercial beekeeper, I'm not an authority on any of this. But seeing that no one else is answering, I'll share what little I know. I worked a commercial operation last fall, and before I headed back I got a neighboring beekeeper to show me their setup as well. They'd just finished for the season so they were pulling everything apart. I think what they did was clean it normally (probably just hot water), then they filled it with oil (like mineral oil, I think) to keep it from any wear or rust over the winter. Of course, this was when it was all taken apart, so I assume they cleaned THAT out when putting it all back together.

    As for the grease, I couldn't say, but I see amazon has a 2 pack of food safe petrol grease that seems like a bargain.


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