I am making a bee that is resistant to everything. Only problem is that I am a biotechnologist and have no experience with beekeeping.
Is there someone willing to help? He / she needs experience in insemination and collecting a drone's sprerm.

I could pay him/her, for doing the insemination for me If possible, you could come to Ireland for three months (I pay the flights).

We make it happen before Monsanto does! Maybe we patent it, but we will never sue anyone if the genetic material mixes. I hate that practice!

As a sidenote for the anti-gmo people: It is totally harmless for both the environment and for the bees. No bee is hurt! We are working tightly together with EPA and will never release a bee until we get approval to do so.
(Inserted DNA is not dangerous in any way - it's just e.g. if a pesticide resistance is inserted into a plant, the farmer then uses the pesticide. And you eat the plant that accumulated the pesticide. Hell, that may make you ill, but it's not the GM plant's fault, since it's the farmer who applies the pesticide!!)

I have identified a lot of natural mechanisms over the last years from other organisms that we can put into the bee.
3 Months and we have our first proof-of concept bee, totally resistant against some viruses and perhaps Nosema resistant.

If you are interested, shoot me an email

All the best,