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    First time buying packages and I could not be happier with the purchase. These were packages that he picked up for Georgia and not from his own supply. ( currently). He did say he will be producing his own packages later this season. He does produce his own nucs and queens.

    I also ordered a queen from him.

    It arrived overnight with some very healthy assistants. The queen herself was much healthier looking than the ones that came with the packages. She was also marked. Wished all of mine was marked.

    He also builds and sells wooden ware on site and looks just as good if not better than the big stores. He also sells premixed sugar syrup and for 5 gallons of 2/1 is cheaper than what I could buy the sugar myself for. Too bad I drove my camaro or I would of bought many of the buckets he had for sale.

    He will be my primary supplier for queens and bee's in the future.
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