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    Default Can't save my edited profile

    I've added a bio, what job I do, etc., on my profile page, but it won't let me save it. I get this message: "Registration Required Information - All fields are required."

    I left all the Instant Messaging fields blank since I don't have any of those accounts, but I thought that was what was hanging it up, so I put "none" in all the blanks. It now gives me a message "Invalid Skype Name". I don't have a Skype account.

    I'd like to save my profile to let other posters know a little more about me, but how can I do this when I don't have any of those accounts? Can anyone help?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Can't save my edited profile

    It's all there now. LOL at 'toilet whisperer'.

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    Default Re: Can't save my edited profile

    Sweet! Thanks for the headsup, VanIslander.

    I got the maintenance gig when I got tired of waiting in line for the bathroom when the toilet would act up and they'd put an out of order sign on it while waiting for the plumber. I just started fixing it, thinking at least I'd get to use it first. Little did I know what can of worms I opened. Two things you don't ever tell anyone you know how to do: drywall and plumbing.


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