When I was beekeeping a number of years ago the wax foundation had wires running from the top-bar to/through the split bottom-bar and then we'd manually string a couple of horizontal wires across the frame to add sturdiness in the brood & extracting frames. I just purchased a single brood super hive from a bee supplier, the foundation is heavier than I was use to, and there was no vertical wires in the foundation (from the top-bar to bottom-bar) nor any horizontal strung wires across the frames.

(1) Will the set-up I purchased be sturdy enough without the wiring for the brood super (and an addition one I plan to purchase in another month from that supplier) then I had been used to?
(2) The bottom bar of the brood super frames were also solid, not split like in my 60s/70s years of beekeeping?

Just checking!