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    Default Newbie in North Carolina

    Very excited to find Beesource. I am owner of two vbulletin internet forums myself ( and and love that there's a great vbulletin format beekeeping site. I went to a wonderful Bee School 2 weekends ago in Asheville, NC. I told my friend who accompanied me I felt like we'd stumbled into a cult It was fascinating and I learned a ton, with the obvious caveat that I know nothing yet! I did manage to learn the central rule of beekeeping, that there is very rarely a single *correct* answer to any question, and that there are always numerous opinions, often directly contradicting each other, on almost any topic. That's a little disconcerting for a newbie, but I'm just going to roll with it, work hard at learning every day, and keep at it. I have 2 NUCs I'll be picking up in April, and am preparing my hives now.

    I look forward to getting to know folks here, and again, very excited to find this community.

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    Welcome 8864!


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