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    Can you use soy meal in pollen patties instead of soy flour.? TIA

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    When I've used soy, I always used full fat soy flour. There will be little fat in the soybean meal (it is the byproduct of making the oil). Having never seen any, I don't know how finely it's ground. It would need to be very fine to work well.
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    You probably need to specify a particle size for the soy meal you have in mind before you can get a good answer to your question. Particle size is even an issue for hog farmers ....
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    Rader, that article brings back memories. I had to look at the date on it, because my dad worked on research projects with Don Mahan and I knew Nathan when I was in school.

    Soy meal is generally too coarse for bees, although you could sift it and take out the smaller particle sizes. Or, you could mill into flour as soy meal is basically the precursor to soy flour. Just be sure and check the spec sheet if you can get one for your source of soy meal to make sure it is similar to the soy flour offered by Cargill and such.

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