I searched for quite a while trying to find the original measurements of the hives Brother Adam used. Someone directed me to this article published in 1948 in Dutch.


Frames: Topbar length: 483 mm, Frame width: 450 mm, Lug length: 16.5 mm

Brood frame: 285 mm tall
Honey frame: 145 mm tall

Brood Boxes:, Outside width: 505 mm, Outside length: 505 mm, Wall thickness: 20 mm
Inside width: 465 mm, Inside length: 465 mm, Brood box height: 295 mm

Honey box height: 155 mm, same length & width dimensions as brood boxes

Lug rests cut into walls: 10 mm wide, 20 mm deep

He apparently used 10 frames in the honey supers which means they were spaced pretty wide, roughly the equivalent of 8 frames in a 10 frame Langstroth box. The description seems to show he was using metal frame rests and therefore the bee space was at the bottom of the box. I am using top spacing because I prefer it with migratory covers. I am also cutting my frames with 31.8 mm end bars which means I can put 14 frames per box. His honey supers were just over 6 inches tall making them comparable to the shallow 5 11/16 supers I will be using.

I got the dimensions right the first time. My boxes are exactly 465 X 465 X 295 square Dadant depth. In inches, this is interior measurements of 18 5/16 by 18 5/16 by 11 5/8.