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    Default Hiving an over wintered Nuc

    I'm in NW Ga, and I have an over wintered nuc in a 5 frame deep & 5 frame med on top. The stores look good and the population looks really good (but not busting at the seams) with lots of activity and the bees are bringing in pollen. My last inspection I saw some capped brood. This is my first ever over wintered Nuc.
    The 10 day weather outlook shows highs anywhere from 54 to 73 and several mornings in the 30's.

    Is there any reason why I shouldn't hive this nuc this weekend? Or should I wait till later in March or early April?

    I have a new hive ready to go, just not sure on the best time to put my Nuc in a production hive.

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    Default Re: Hiving an over wintered Nuc

    I like to see a nuc bustling, with good brood production and in need of expansion before I hive it. you can do it at any time, however they draw and fill the new space much better when they are a bit crowded.

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    Default Re: Hiving an over wintered Nuc

    Great to hear ddawg, I have done the same this season as I have overwintered 6 nucs this year and 1 double, now the double is absolutely exploding and I am fearful of a swarm but I am adding them another nuc on top until I feel comfortable moving them into a langstroth, my other nucs are doing pretty well as I have also used the mtn. camp method of feeding all winter, also 2 regular deeps going strong too. This is amazing as I lost all 10 hives last season between late Jan. and March 30 with no apparent reason that I could identify with regard to your question I would make sure that nuc is "full" before I move them over


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