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    Default Re: Colony Losses In The Southeastern States

    Hi Scott - I went into winter with 28 hives and 6 nucs. I go into winter with Lauri's candy board recipe on all hives that are light on Thanksgiving (I weigh all hives). I winter in a deep and a medium and use oxalic acid the first or second week of January (to bleach the frames). I lost 1 hive due to the cluster couldn't get to the stores and had 1 hive that went queenless sometime prior to an inspection two weeks ago. I did combine with an overwintered nuc. So - Lost 1 hive out of 28 and used the resources of 1 nuc.

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    Default Re: Colony Losses In The Southeastern States

    Lost two out of 12 in East Tennessee, should have requeen the two in August after their population crashed. All the Tn hives are carnis. And lost seven of 25 in Calhoun Ga, I got them in October for a great price but they were lite on stores and in singles so I know I would lose some of them. The last cold front did a number on them. They are italians and about half of them are going gangbusters and should be ready to split in two weeks. One is already building wax under the sugar blocks. One step back and two steps forward!


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