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    Smile Trapping in an urban setting

    Wondering about setting out traps in a city/urban environment. Thinking of putting a trap on each end of my south facing house, 15 feet up. The bees in my backyard fly between my house and the houses on either side. Also, last year, some Italian bees were trying to rob a nuc of mine that had grey bees, and flew between houses on the way back to their own hive, presumably at an unknown neighbor's. Additionally, I'm not sure where to place the traps. I'm sure the city authorities would frown on my hanging swarm boxes in the trees of the city parks

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    In Tucson, all the golf courses have swarm traps in them as bees seem to often end up there... the city might buy into it...
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    Actually, I called the local parks in my area and they were fine with it as long as I put them above head height and let them know where I put them. In a way, it helps them not to have bees take up residence along a path somewhere. I even had a business consider paying me to limit their liability as they had swarms show up near walkways in the past.



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