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    Default Would you put extraction on display?

    Would you put your extraction process on display? I'm thinking along the lines of butchers, microbrews, cottage industry chocolates etc. that seem to display a significant amount of their process for the purchasing public to view. I'm sure that done right, a shop that displays the honey processing process would be a big draw. I've worked with beekeepers that were very rigid in the honey house with no bee rules and extreme cleanliness, I'm sure these operations could be in public view. I'm wondering what people's thoughts are on this or if you have observed this?

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    Default Re: Would you put extraction on display?

    Although my new honey house does not have a viewing window, In the past it has. customers could stand and watch our honey being extracted, and bottled. I am extremely picky about cleanliness almost fanatical. and when working with the product Face masks, hair nets, gloves and white aprons are required. People find it interesting, but the reality of it is having a viewing area for your extraction does nothing to increase your sales. you spend a lot of time cleaning the glass where people rest against it and kids press their face to the glass. It also encourages people to hang around watching rather then shopping.

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    Default Re: Would you put extraction on display?

    Back in the day before the Smokies became completely corporatized you could see Sorghum Molasses being extracted and cooked off - Mule turning the extractor, flies and yellow jackets buzzing around, scummy looking green foam floating on top of the open air cooker being stirred with home made wooden implements by genuine hillbillies. It was great.

    Now you mostly get shops selling Chinese nick-nacks. You can still find some pretty authentic stuff if you get out of the high rent district though. Come to TN. Bring money.
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