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    Default CheckerBoarding Question

    If you don't use the bottom empty box to CB with and just add boxes to the top. Do you ever see the queen go to the bottom empty to lay or just move up? Wondering if I just leave them as they are if I need to bank on having another (brood) box since they might brood up to another super. I use all mediums.

    I've never CB'd but over the years mine will get into the 4th medium (on rotating) with the middle 4/5ish frames brood and the outside honey. But if I CB I could see the 4th being brood and 5+ honey. Right?
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    They will move back down in my Solid bottom board hives. If you have the gaping hole in the bottom, I have heard they do not like to lay down there. Too hard to keep the brood warm.


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