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    Default Re: Spring Queen Cells

    Ok Aaron, that begs the question as to from whom do you order them?......

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    Default Re: Spring Queen Cells

    Quote Originally Posted by Honey-4-All View Post
    May i remind you that its all in what you see and never about what you don't see. My guess is that the frames to the side are less than 98%. Not discounting the way these sweet ones look at all. Nicely done. Anyone who thinks 98% is possible all the time has been watching to many news clips about "all " the people swishing half court shots. The ones that bricked never make the news.I suspect its the same here and with other cell shots we see.

    Bound to be some 100%'ers from someone on here. Think I'll move a few cells around and post a few "cell-o-shopped" pics.

    i think u need to add some sugar to ur seems to be a little BITTER !

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    @snl i cant say i remember at the moment, id have to go into my books and look, i'll look on monday when im back in the office.

    it was a bit of a ordeal if i remember correctly, dealing with customs and all, and im pretty sure a semi load was the minimum order


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