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    Default Unique Queen Cage and High Quality Queen Catcher

    Here are some products I found that I like. They are from Kharkiv, Ukraine. It is a large Honey producing region in Eastern Europe

    I have wanted a durable simple queen cage and queen catcher to have in my pocket while working in the bee yard. I found what I was looking for on E-bay @ Bee_Zoo (link) . They have well made products, that work well, and are designed well. Shipping is free and the folks were good to deal with and quick to communicate.

    Here are a few pictures of the Queen Cage and Queen Catcher I ordered in April. I have used them several times. So far, I am very pleased. Since I have found them to work so well, I thought I would share them with you all.

    I did do two tweaks to the queen cage. I replaced the machine screw with a small wood screw; that gave the wooded lid more tension (adjustable to your liking) on opening and closing. I also crimped the edges of the metal lid for the same reason.

    The queen cage works with a plastic Queen cup, so it could be used to protect queen cells:

    The queen catcher has a nice rolled metal edge, It does not have a "guillotine" area like the cheap chinese one I have:

    And it fits tight to the queen cage with the lid slid open. If you give her a little time she will walk right in the cage:

    The top has a slot that works as a queen excluder; as well as a hole for the queen cup holder:

    And last but not least it fits snugly between two frames in a standard size box!!!:

    Now I know these are not for shipping queens, but for many tasks around the bee yard it works like a champ!!

    Happy beekeeping!!

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    Default Re: Unique Queen Cage and High Quality Queen Catcher

    Thanks for the info. Looks like nice setup and well though out design.
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    Default Re: Unique Queen Cage and High Quality Queen Catcher

    The cages I got have a plastic lid instead of wood. I assume the hole in the lid is for candy. In the opposite end, mine not only has a half-inch hole for insertion of a queen cell cup, it also has a queen-excluder-sized slot for admittance of attendants. Do your cages have this slot? If yes, do you leave it open or closed. Why?
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