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    Default Re: Any beekeepers using fitbit?

    I heard the Force was causing people problems, that's unfortunate! I use the One though. It doesn't come in contact with my skin.

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    Default Re: Any beekeepers using fitbit?

    Quote Originally Posted by Phoebee View Post
    In 2012 I retired from a company with a big building and an insane process for purchase orders. My claim was that we should get wellness points for every purchase order.
    First, you needed a signature from the program manager from whose project would pay for it. I do believe they could smell a PO and would run and hide when they smelled one nearby.
    Good story Phoebee, I think I have been on the other end of something like that. I used to be the call guy for a water services company who would periodically run into wasp nests during their excavations and I would go & exterminate. Cos it was always urgent I would be told get them done cos our guys and equipment are costing thousands per hour, we'll sort the PO afterwards. Then getting the PO would be, on their part, a ducking and diving act, mostly cos the land would usually be owned by some other party & everybody thought it was their responsibility to avoid paying it.

    Just a few weeks ago I finally broke after a bill was flat refused. When they called next time I told them I would not be killing the wasps. A "what are we supposed to do now?" type argument ensued and I actually felt really good telling them how I felt about their short sighted stupidity.

    All my own bills get paid soon as I get them why wait till the end of the month. From time to time having a happy supplier can be very worthwhile.
    44 years, been commercial, outfits up to 4000 hives, now 120 hives and 200 nucs as a hobby, selling bees. T (mostly).

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    Default Re: Any beekeepers using fitbit?

    "There is no relief in sight for Dorland either, with her doctor suggesting a minimum two-month healing period for this type of burn. Then there is the matter of scarring."

    Get out the honey, honey.
    Regards, Barry

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    Default Re: Any beekeepers using fitbit?

    My wife and I use the fitbit flex. No skin problems or irritations reported with this one. The newer, fitbit force is the one that has some issues. I'll wait until they get those fixed and then upgrade!


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