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    Default Re: First Cleansing Flight 2014

    I am having a hard time understanding my hives this year. One hive was just a little active and the other two was nothing. So I rapped on the side of the box with a hive tool and still nothing. Alright, now I know they are dead so off goes the cover. Then I pop the inner cover loose and tilt it slightly and oh my God, out they come. So down with the cover and get out of there fast. I had no protection.

    Well I never was a fast learner so same thing with the other inactive hive only this one has a hand hold. I tipped up the outer cover and there they are in full force but they didn't come after me like the other hive. So after thinking all my bees are dead I got bees in all three. I guess varroa didn't get them yet.
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    Default Re: First Cleansing Flight 2014

    I am only dreaming of cleansing flights. Last cleansing flight for my bees was Oct 16 and I expect 40+ more days until the first spring cleansing flight.

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    Another round of cleansing flights here in Syracuse, NY today. Unobscured blue skies and sunshine... around 45F with no wind at all. Still 6"-8" of snow on the ground. Bees are out in force... dare I say even bringing in some water for brood rearing from the meltwater. Will check them again under the lids in a bit... thank goodness for days like today!

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