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    Default When is cutout safe for Northern climates?

    I'm in Ohio where we got a foot of snow yesterday and have a tornado warning for tomorrow....A guy asked me to do a cutout for a house he is remodeling. He is going to open it up if I just pull it out. Problem is that he wants it done sooner than later because it's holding up his remodeling. BUT it's still freezing here. So what is best temp to wait for? Steady 60's for a week? Is it okay to pull it out if it stays warm a few days before and a few days after but then drops back down in temp later on?

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    Default Re: When is cutout safe for Northern climates?

    I shot for when dandelion are blooming. But have done then earlier.

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    Default Re: When is cutout safe for Northern climates?

    i did a cut out in december.i did it from the inside because it was 20 below outside.i made a top bar hive and put the bees in the basement.i just checked them today so far so s only 10 above today

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    Default Re: When is cutout safe for Northern climates?

    The earliest I have ever done a cut out was the last week of april. It was a colder spring and it was about 60 degrees the day I cut them out, and ended up snowing the next week. The bees made it through that summer and then absconded after the first hard frost.

    I would say that once you have temps around 60, and pollen and nectar coming in, you can plan on doing a cut out. Obviously there are exceptions, though.
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    Default Re: When is cutout safe for Northern climates?

    If I'm being paid to do it, I cut it out when the client wants. I charge enough that I can buy bees if needed. I hate to kill them, but the word of mouth advertising gets me free bees down the road.


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