I understand that some of you may be having issues with getting into the chat room. Or being able to undock the app from the browser.

Wish I could offer an answer but I'm not sure what the issue may be? I have accessed the chat room using Chrome and Firefox without any issues. The chat windows starts up floating automatically for me. I did just update to Java version 7-51. I'm not sure if that may be an issue or not but I did notice that I had to allow the Java app permission to run for the site. Maybe that came from my upgrade and the previous settings were lost? Or the chat provider has made changes?

I'm only guessing that you may need to check your permissions in Java or pay attention to the messages at the top of your browser when trying to access the chat room. You may be getting a prompt to allow permissions at that point?

From what I'm seeing though, all is well with the chat room itself.

I'll give you a refund on your help desk fees if this doesn't help