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    Default Re: Honey Glows Under Blacklight

    Honestly, we have no plans to sell honey. We figure Christmas gifts are covered. My wife probably won't use my lab logo, but I doubt any of the neighbors would turn it down.

    Bee Barf would probably sell at a junior high school. Nuclear honey might do well as a chili or hot sauce ingredient.

    I agree, this is no mass marketing strategy. It would serve people who want to keep their honey for themselves.

    As for UV fluorescence having anything to do with impurity, lots of biological fluids fluoresce. It doesn't mean they are impure. It may mean they have some phosphorus in them, and as has been pointed out above, other things will do it too.

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    Default Re: Honey Glows Under Blacklight

    Oh well, I just sent in my registration papers for the safe and bland apiary name of "Harrison Bay Honey".

    Doesn't mean I can't bottle up some Sequoya Nuclear Honey or Halloween Honey as seasonal things.
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    Default Re: Honey Glows Under Blacklight

    You inspired me. I just registered my new domain name ""


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