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    Default How is my hive doing?

    I live in Guerneville Ca and just did my first hive inspection of the year. BTW I just got my colony last April. The hive has two deep supers. The top one only has about 4.5 of the eight frames drawn. It still has some capped honey, uncapped honey, pollen and bread. Also I already see quite a bit of capped brood and some larvae. The bottom super has about 7 of the eight frames drawn and they are using it for honey (none capped), pollen and bee bread. Based on everything I have read it appears they did good over the winter but I'm concerned about whats going to happen to the bottom super if the colony is now using the top one for brood. I could reverse them now but there is still a chance of a few freezing nights and I'm concerned that if I reverse them now all those empty frames will never get filled. What should I do?

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    Default Re: How is my hive doing?

    I think the bees will take care of everything just fine on their own. If the top is filled, they will move down as needed.


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