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    Default OT Please help my Daughters Dog

    Last night about 10pm our dog and very best friend of my daughter had cornered a possum under the car. So as usual i take the 22 pistol to go kill it. Well just as I shot Benjy (our dog) had ran to the other side and got hit. Right now he is stable and still critical. trouble is the surgery is almost $4000.......this is where I need your help have always been helpful when it come to bees now I am hoping you can help me raise the money......I quickly built a donation page on my honey site and any donations would help. Please. My daughter is heartbroken and so am I.......please visit and help.....and share this with anyone and everyone. THANK YOU!!
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    Default Re: OT Please help my Daughters Dog

    You "usually" shoot opossums with a .22?
    Sorry about your dog.

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    Yeah that is what I usually shoot them with........dang dog usually stays by me and when i was ready to shoot he apparently took of to other side with out me knowing it..........did't even see him.......i feel horrible and even more horrible that we are in a position to not help him.......paid over 800 so far last night.....


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