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    Default Feeding Treated Syrup To Early?

    I have Four hives overwintering just starting to come out for cleansing flights. One hive that doesn't get as much sun as the others I suspect nosema? The front of the hive has a lot more brown streaks on the front than the others. All hives had a candy board & pollen patty installed in the fall. (This hive was active today bringing in pollen today from ? (Elm Tree are getting buds)

    My questions is I wanted to try treating the one hive or all by giving them a shot of medicated syrup with tree tea oil and honey b healthy oils mixed in the syrup. I have always heard that once you start feeding them you cant stop until you have a nectar flow. Is that because it will stimulate the queen to start laying and if you stop feeding all the brood they started raising will starve when they don't have the syrup supply they are counting on?

    I don't want to start feeding syrup this early, it's still cold here, I just wanted to give them a preventive dose they could drink on a warm afternoon.


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    Default Re: Feeding Treated Syrup To Early?

    I would get your bees tested first, to know for sure.
    If they are eating pollen patties they need cleansing flights.

    >All hives had a candy board & pollen patty installed in the fall.

    This is from an other site
    "Michael Bush:
    Feeding anything (honey, syrup etc.) will clear up Nosema. The fumadil is just a very expensive addition...
    The problem is anything that kills what is living in the bee's gut is going to mess with other things besides Nosema. There are thousands of organisms that belong in a hive and you will kill many of those with essential oils."

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    Default Re: Feeding Treated Syrup To Early?

    There are bacteria in the gut of the bee that protect them from Nosema:

    Essential oils will kill these bacteria (as will Fumidil) and make them susceptible to Nosema...

    I have never treated for Nosema with anything for 40 years and see no reason to do so.
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