Hello!!! I am so happy to have found this forum and cannot WAIT to get reading everything that I can. I am a young wife and mother and my husband and I have a dream of becoming homesteaders in the next 5 years. Something I have been dreaming of is learning to keep honey bees first and foremost for environmental reasons, and second to have a trade-able item (honey). Maybe even be able to set up at my local farmer's market at some point in the future.

I am trading for my first hive - a top bar. I am so excited! I would like to build up and get a few different kinds to experiment to see which ones I like best. I have read lots of good things about the top bar - anyone with experience willing to give me some advice? Some information I am looking to find out right away is all the extra supplies that I need to get started. I have been watching YouTube videos and see that not everyone uses a suit/veil with the top bar ... true? Or is this reckless?

I appreciate all info and looking forward to learning and meeting new people! =)