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    Default Concerns after treating with OA drip late fall - lost hive - now what?

    Hello all. I treated a mite infested hive late this past fall with an OA drip, followed directions, etc. Unfortunately one of my hives didn't make it. I think the cluster was just too small when I treated. Anyway, I've got lots of great comb to start a new package off with this spring. Now when I treated with the OA drip, I had the bees in two medium supers, and the top super was about 1/2 filled with some capped and uncapped honey. What are my options with this honey? Obviously, it's not fit for consumption, but I assume I can circulate it back to my new bees or another established hive. Once you treat with OA, do I have to scrap these frames all together? Or try and transition them back into a brood chamber? Thanks in advance for the help.


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    Default Re: Concerns after treating with OA drip late fall - lost hive - now what?

    I have treated with an OA dribble for a number of years and never discarded frames because of its use. OA doesn't accumulate in the combs or affect the honey. In fact, it is naturally present in honey. Plus it's easy to use, inexpensive, effective, and treatment leaves no appreciable residue in the honey itself. I still remove supers before treating, tho.


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