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    Default Can Someone Explain Why I Should Not Do This Again?

    People on the forum have already said that I should not move frames from my heavy hive to my light hive in winter. They have also said I should not be moving frames around, pulling empty frames from the center and pushing the rest in. I know that it is interfering with their cluster....BUT.....if I have a light hive and they don't seem to be taking the sugar brick wouldn't it be a good idea to pull empties from the center top box and add full frames to the outside? I guess as long as there are no eggs in the empties I am wondering what is the harm if I do it on a warm day and it keeps them closer to the honey? The hive feels light and I am concerned about them making it through March.
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    Default Re: Can Someone Explain Why I Should Not Do This Again?

    I would first try to get more condensation in there (close the vents) or in some way get that sugar brick wet enough that the bees could use it. Make some soft fondant and replace the brick with it or some other means of wetting the sugar. Hold your fondant at 235 degrees final temp. rather than 242 and it will be softer (I read that). Disturbing the cluster is bad news I am told. If you do I think you should scratch some or most of the capped honey you move into the center.(Would like to hear some guidance on that myself) but short of guidance I would scratch it as some on this forum say bees will not use capped honey (Lori).
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    Default Re: Can Someone Explain Why I Should Not Do This Again?

    Me, I think you should be doing all those things.

    But, the people who gave you the advice not to, I know where they are coming from. Doing those things without enough knowledge / experience, can do more harm than good in terms of spreading disease, causing robbing, weakening the stronger hive & causing the death of both, and likely more. From that perspective, they are correct.

    But me, if I had a hive in danger of starving & next to it I had one with plenty spare honey, then yes, I would absolutely transfer some of that honey to the hive that needs it.

    I do not think the different advice you have been given is wrong, just different perspectives.

    Another thing to consider re the weaker hive, is there some reason for that such as a disease / varroa issue? If so, giving it honey could turn out to be a waste.

    But my own opinion on these matters is we mainly learn by doing. If you interfere and the result is good, you have learned something plus increased your skill level. Also be prepared to investigate, understand, and learn, if for some reason it does not work out.
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    Default Re: Can Someone Explain Why I Should Not Do This Again?

    Good advice! I plugged up the vents today and I will proceed with caution on the next warm day, which seems like it may never come!
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