Im have been in the protein patty kind of mood this last week.

I found this on Mann Lakes website;

FD-330 Soft Patties 45 lb bulk box
We've been working hard to get you the softer yet
nutritionally complete patty you've been asking for.

Formulated to meet the nutritional needs of honey bees
Balanced amino acid profile
Contains Pro-Health feeding stimulant to speed consumption and aid in digestive tract health
Formulated with Probiotics!!
Ultra fine milling to ensure complete digestibility
Bulk patty format means no paper to mess with
Soft formula presses between boxes with ease
Ideal for those beekeepers looking to feed 3-5 lbs per feeding
Priced to provide an excellent performance to cost ratio

US price per lbs is $1.10.

has anyone used this Sub? How well do the bees eat it? Does it dry out?