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    Default Millemeter Rule for photographs of Brood Comb

    Crikey, I mispelled millimeter in the title and cannot edit it !!!

    I've posted a pdf of a downloadable and printable millimeter rule.

    These small slips of paper can be placed on photographs of brood comb to calibrate estimates of cell size.

    I've seen much discussion of "small cell" or "regressed" bees. I've seen virtually no documentary evidence that natural foundationless comb is actually constructed in the claimed cell size over any substantial fraction of the brood cluster. On foundation-less frames, bees do not construct "small cells". I have no hives with exclusively foundationless brood, nor have I taken any concerted effort to select for small cell bees, but I have seen many posting claims otherwise.

    If folks taking pix of their brood comb built on foundation-less systems can add a calibrated rule to the image, we can begin to build a documented library. The paper strips in the downloadable document can be cut and easily temporarily applied to a brood comb for this purpose.
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    Default Re: Millemeter Rule for photographs of Brood Comb

    Head on down to the office products store, and you should be able to buy transparencies that can feed thru a laser printer, maybe even an inkjet. Those scales on a transparency could be even handier than on paper.


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