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    Default Newbie--Converting Nuc to Small Cell Mediums & How Many Frames do I need?

    I am planning to use all medium boxes & eventually go foundationless. However, I have ordered a nuc from our local supplier (and can't get anything different this late in the season).

    So, what do you recommend I do to get them on small cell foundation?

    Also, I plan to order the PF-120 plastic frames from Mann Lake, but don't now how much I'll need. I only want to order once, because shipping to Canada is crazy!

    I plan to follow Michael Bush's recommendations for getting started my getting my nuc into an observation hive (maybe-depending on what I end up doing with frame sizes, might be easier to get a strong colony started outdoors & develop the OBHive later.), splitting into a nuc & splitting again into a full hive.

    How long do I need to continue with the plastic frames before starting them foundationless?


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    Default Re: Newbie--Converting Nuc to Small Cell Mediums & How Many Frames do I need?

    It's hard to beat PF-120s for getting them regressed immediately. On box full of PF-120s should do. You could do foundationless after that. You just need a turnover of brood from the PF-120s. I'm assuming your nuc is deeps? If so you will need to deal with that somehow. There are several things you could do. Probably the simplest, because you don't have to buy anything else, is to leave five frames out of the bottom medium box and put the deeps in the next box up and let them protrude into the bottom box. If you want to cut a couple of two by's to fit the empty space under the deep frames and stack them up (so they are 3" tall) you could fill that gap so it doesn't get comb in it. The gap will be 3 5/8" too much space under the deep frames. 3" should be close enough...
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