Today, from the thread in question:
The responses are great and informative.
Judging from the increase in sales on the last couple of days, many beekeepers have chosen OAV as a weapon against mites.
_Especially_ given that the thread was started by the seller, and given that the seller (who was moderating the thread at the time) engaged in the discussion (and dismissal) of my concerns for both the overall safety of OA _and_ the lack of safety warnings on his website (buried in a video where no one would know to find them...not in writing anywhere), this is a problem.
Ideally (and I don't know the backend setup/options) my posts would simply be restored.
But you've now helped to boost his sales with a 'discussion' in which the general moderation standards of Beesource were not in place (even with a rather wide margin)...certainly I've been in the position of defending my own work in the face of criticism (both legitimate and illegitimate) often enough. Some of the harshest critique of my book on Beesource was made by Peter Borst who has not read it.
If you give sponsors a pass on critique of their product while allowing them to benefit from the reputation of the good information available on beesource, you 'cheapen the brand'.
It's your brand Barry, I'm all for generating income....but when it gets confused with the content that makes the site valuable, value is lost.