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    Default Notification of Rule changes.

    I joined the forum in August of 2007 and in doing so would have accepted to abide by the rules at that time.

    I don't know how many changes have been made to the rules since 2007 but I see that they were just edited on January 16th.

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    Should / could the members be notified of changes to the rules?
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    Default Re: Notification of Rule changes.

    Should? I'm all for it, but don't see a way to do it that is quick and easy. The last update was this sentence in red:

    Posting links. Do not post links to your website in the Welcome Forum. The goal is to welcome new members and help get them acquainted with the Beesource Beekeeping Forums. Excessive posting of links to your personal website within the body of your posts is not allowed. You may include a link to your website in your signature. Any posted link to content outside of Beesource must meet the standard set forth in the forum rules.

    Someone posted a link to a video that was vulgar so I added this. I believe this is already stated in one of the sub forum rules, but felt it should be here in the main rules. Again, it's a no-brainer and not a rule that would affect 99 % of the members. At this stage, the rules get tweaked as issues arise. One that I'm currently working through is how to manage threads/posts that give clear "advertising" to vendors that do not support this forum/site through paid advertising. We have members who pay to advertise here, typically smaller vendors, yet there will be times when threads are started, advertising a sale, some large supplier is having. I've been deleting those threads. Why should they get a free ride here? I'm for helping and supporting those who invest their advertising dollars here. I will be adding a statement about this to the rules before too long.

    Perhaps I can post to the posting rules thread when I make an update.
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    Default Re: Notification of Rule changes.

    I looked at the post in the "Forum Rules" forum that highlighted the update to the rules and it's as clear as it can be. I would think that a similar post for subsequent changes would suffice to keep members informed about changes.
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