We can all be trollish at times. Some of us have mellowed more than others of us, which is natural and comes with the territory of age and life experience. However, there are those that just spew outright hatred. Those are the ones that you have to watch out for. I was reading a post by an OP the other day, and they stated that they were dissatisfied with their situation and had nothing to be happy about. Beesource pretty much became a vent for that person, and they had no problem at all with pushing peoples' buttons, just for the sake of pushing them.
Disagreements are going to happen. It's life. I honestly believe I could have a decent face to face conversation with everyone on this site even in spite of disagreements in the past. I'm a humorous type, and sometimes I have to watch how I post my humor, because it has offended some folks before. They didn't know I was being humorous.
Communicating back and forth with the written language is a challenge. Some people may come across as "trollish" when in reality, they just didn't communicate in an efficient and thorough manner. I know, because I have fallen into that category on more than one occasion.