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    Default Hive surprised me today

    So today I went to check on my hives to see if all were still alive and I knocked on my swarm I. Caught and heard nothing. Well I. Went and started taking the hive apart opened the lid then I only got the inner cover open about an inch when there they were looking right at me at attention. Hive was very. Much alive and well so I quickly put the covers back on. Hope that didn't hurt them though.

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    Default Re: Hive surprised me today

    Shouldn't hurt them abit for you to take a short look. This time of year when they have no brood its no big deal. When they do start raising brood you got to watch it on real cold days.

    Ya the knock method does not work always. I have some hives that are like a lion when you tap them and some that sound as empty as a politicians promise.

    Glad your bees are still kickin.

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    Default Re: Hive surprised me today

    Always good news to hear a hive is makin it. Went out this morning and the girls were flying about, checked the temps and it was 34, amazing! Eventually as the day wore on it got up to 45 so I popped open one to check the candy board and it was empty. Darn but this warm weather is making them eat a lot more.
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