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    Default Re: Hitachi Air Stapler

    Well folks I think it is fair to say hitachi makes a good stapler. I have shot over 30,000 staples since I posted this and more than likely will have 60,000 shot by mid april.

    Not a single jam.

    Well made, light and easy to use.

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    Default Re: Hitachi Air Stapler

    Quote Originally Posted by Jeffro View Post
    Great! That is what this forum is about, helping each other!
    Almost a year later now.... I just noticed you can earn $10 credit with them for each person you refer to them and they place their order.

    Send me an "invite" and get some credit

    Earn Credits By Inviting People

    You can get $10.00 in credits when you invite someone and they place their first order!
    There is no limit to the total credits you can earn!
    The person who clicks your invite link needs to place their first order within 30 days.
    You'll get $10.00 to be applied to any order of $50.00 or more.
    Each order you place can use up to $10.00 in credits.

    How To Start Earning Credits

    Once you log on, you'll be given an invite link that you can share anywhere, anyway. Users simply click on it wherever you share it, and if they place an order, you get the credits!

    To get credits, you need to logon or create a new account. Once you're logged on, you can come back to this page for simple instructions on inviting people to receive your credits!

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    Default Re: Hitachi Air Stapler

    I have been buying tools from Big Sky for some time. Sign up for the daily deals. I bought the Brad nailer , stapler , hose and pancake compressor for I believe 130.00 . It comes up as a daily deal quite regularly

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    Default Re: Hitachi Air Stapler

    Quote Originally Posted by Tenbears View Post
    I use an air stapler that I bough from Harbor freight, for $12.00 been using it for 6 years, maybe 200 hive bodies, and a bunch of pedestal bases. at that price I can get 7 of them for $90.00 and still have enough left for a beer on the way home.
    Same here, but less use. Puts frames together just fine. And I also don't drink.

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    Default Re: Hitachi Air Stapler

    Hitachi has been my best stapler, no double-firing like my big Senco. I've built over 150 bee boxes, 1500 frames, and lots of tops, SBB's, bases, pallets, and a whole bunch of stage scenery with it since 2009. I always oiled it, it always worked. I sure wish it had not gotten stolen.


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