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    Default Northern california queen breeders meeting 01.15.2014

    Couple of things that were covered at the queen breeders meeting today:

    Large crowd. 60+ attendees

    On a show of hands with those with extra bees for almonds only one shortly raised hand went up. On a show of hands for those looking for extras about 4 or 5 were raised.

    Prices on almonds range from 155-200. Majority in the 170 range. ( not frame count bees)

    An informal survey by myself of big queen and package producers the consensus was that the queen and package production will not be hindered by the drought. ( I personally disagree with this assessment) Did have one large queen raiser tell me it was going to be an "interesting" year. People looking to "spread out" mating Nuc yards to reduce robbing.

    Best quote of the day. "Its a great time to be in the bee business if you can keep them alive."

    Some reports of hive thefts. Some pollination contracts now being written to include clauses about monetary reimbursements for hive thefts during pollination.

    Eric Mussen's talk was on hive nutrition and the importance of keeping them fed adequately before a downhill spiral is occurring.

    Eric passed around a paper asking people to put down $ spent on syrup and sub this year. A lot of really high numbers on that sheet as it passed by myself. Once its published it my guess that the averages will be over $45 per colony for syrup and $15 on sub for 2013. We will see........

    That's all unless someone else who was there has anything to add.

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    Default Re: Northern california queen breeders meeting 01.15.2014

    Thanks for the info Phil!
    Coyote Creek Bees


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