I built a Warre this year after reading his book, and boldly sat there into the fall and even into Dec, and then I added insulating layers outside, and finally at some point got out my World books and read about the climate of Italy and France. After concluding that their winters are much milder, I ended up wrapping mine with 4" of blue foam. I also drilled a hole in the attic and ended up cutting a hole in the burlap. Why you ask?

Lots of condensation on my plexi windows and since the burlap was so heavily propolised, it seems it cannot breathe. I used the same layer all summer, maybe I should have put in a new layer late in fall...but without breathing, the moisture was a big problem...2 days later, it seemed mostly gone.

I'd also built a Lang out of 2x material and I did add some insulation to that also, but, not as much, and felt that colony with it's Russian queen was so strong it wasn't needed...

Thoughts on winterizing?