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    Hi Everyone - I'm a newbee from Northern Indiana. Last year I purchased two packages of Carniolans from Northern California. One hive replaced their queen almost immediately, but then went on to prosper. The other hive went great guns from the get-go and so I started a nuc from it. I ended up combing the nuc back into the parent hive in late summer because both the nuc and the parent seemed a little weak. Before this cold snap I could hear both remaining hives humming nicely with a stethoscope. I built three-sided insulation board shelters with a 1-inch air gap to protect them from the polar vortex. On the forth side I draped a heavy tarp. Here's hoping they survive the winter and the varroa and SHB are knocked back a bit! I only started seeing a few of those buggers very late in the fall.

    I think I would like to purchase two packages of Russian VHS this spring. Can anyone recommend a supplier?

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