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    Default Re: How to build cheap top bars.

    Quote Originally Posted by shannonswyatt View Post
    True! But that has a lot more to do with age. Rarely will you find a boy under 25 make a good decision. That's also why young woman pay less for insurance then men...
    This was at one time true, but for a good decade now women have passed men as both the more aggressive driver and more prone to be in traffic accidents. If your insurance company is still trying to charge a the young male driver more then I'd suggest checking out different companies. Those demographics are 20 years old.

    More importantly though, I like the fairly deep wedge on the backyard hive top bars. As a poor woodworker with little equipment, I've tried several types and the deep works the best for me. I get straight comb I haven't had a meltdown with them yet.
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    Default Re: How to build cheap top bars.

    I had problems with KTB hives that were 17" topbars. Breakage, collapses, dificulty in preventing too much burr comb. Which make the former issues.
    I am making a top bar box to the width of a Warre' box, just 12 7/16 long bars. The bars are generally removable and more important comb is not as breakable.
    The large top bar hives can be a become a big fine mess, long term. I adopted Warre' hives, and find the Warre' size easier to cope with as a topbar.. I don't use the large long boxes anymore.

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    Default Re: How to build cheap top bars.

    I've had no issues with burr comb. The only collapses I've had were from the stupid guy holding the bar! Of course I'm not in AZ, so I know it is a lot hotter there.

    When you say burr comb are you talking about side attachments?


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