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    Default Carpenter Ant Damage

    What do carpenter ants do to a hive? I went out to my hive the other night and big red carpenter ants were going in and out. I opened the hive today and the comb was destroyed. No honey or brood was left. The comb looked like it had been chewed into small bits. Lots of dead and dying bees. The poor queen couldn't find any drawn comb to lay in.
    Did the carpenter ants do this?

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    Default Re: Carpenter Ant Damage

    I have no idea. I found this old thread. I don't know if it will be any use though. Good luck.
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    Default Re: Carpenter Ant Damage

    You'd better get some samples and go to a pest control company, carpenter ants generally aren't that aggressive, at least not up here.
    Maybe set out some bait stations, like toilet paper tubes (window screen with a small hole on the ends) with some honey and boric acid or cockroach bait in them.


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