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    Default apivar question

    from what i understand, bees just have to wander around the apivar strips for it to work. Does it have to be a certain temperature for the chemicals to work or does physical contact work? i.e. is it a gas that comes from the strip or is it a contact working chemical?

    reason I'm asking is i just put all my bees on apivar today. Jan 2nd. Almost lost ALL my hives last year because of varroa. Put the strips on right at the start of my flow, and we couldn't get any honey in 2013.

    most of the time in texas, its way above 55 just for some reason this week it's in the 40s.. so just wondering if bees wander around much when its in the 40s

    i know they cluster.. but do they freeze into immobility or do they move around in the ball?

    after i used the apivar last spring, i believe it slowed them down on brooding, but after a month or so after i removed the strips, they rebounded exponentially, which is why I'm trying to see if it would work a bit earlier than normal.

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    Default Re: apivar question

    No they don't have a temp requirement. But, I do have a couple thoughts. You should have treated earlier back during September or October. That way you give the hive time to raise new bees before winter.

    Yes, the bees move around in the cluster. The bees on the outside rotate in towards the middle to warm up.

    Please read the directions on the package of the mite treatment you decide to use. Apivar is a contact killing agent so yes the bees have to make contact with it to kill the mites. But, it has to stay in the hive a long time to kill all the mites. It takes time for all the bees to hatch out and have a chance to get the mites that are in the cells when you first put the strips in. I think it has a 60day treatment period check the pack to make sure that's just off the top of my head. Taking the strips out after a month or so will up the chance of the mites building up resistance to the treatment.

    It did not take the mites long to build up resistance to Apistan. We need to try and get the longest use out of each chemical as we can. Rotating chemicals and following directions will give us the best chance of keeping resistance to a minimum. jmho


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