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    I like those point and shoot temperature sensors for monitoring temps. Can be used for just about anything. I use mine for wax temps and soap temps. It is about the size and shape of a lighter. Got it for about $23 at Brambleberry. Reads up to 230* F.

    Vance, I like your method.............heat to filter and then use immediately for pouring candles. One thing I do is have dedicated 4 cup pyrex (glass) measuring cups which I just leave the extra wax in til I need it the next time. Those are easy to heat up again in a double boiler. Maybe next time I will boost that a little with the microwave.

    For our family's Christmas night time opening of our gifts, I broke out all kinds and sizes of beeswax candles (votives, pillars, tapers, glass containers, tea lights floating in water) and lined them all along the fireplace mantle. Had about 14 on the mantle and 6 more in a wall candle rack (floating in water in the cups). A beautiful sight to see. They lighted up the brick fireplace wall nicely. Beeswax burns a long time.

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    Default Re: Heat source for wax melting

    Quote Originally Posted by snl View Post
    Yes, but they are temperature controlled and they work very well. I've several.
    I just learned about this melting pot and have a few questions:

    • Is the temperature higher when you first turn on the pot, before lowering to stabilize?
    • How accurate is the temperature gauge? i.e. Does the temperature fluctuate +/-, and if so, by how much?
    • Can I use this pot to melt beeswax AND damar resin (has higher melting point) for my beeswax paintings (encaustics)?

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