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    I have 20 cell builders with 10+ additional colonies in the yard for backups. I have 64 nucs in that yard and 40+ in another. A cell builder is set up and 20 days later the cells are ready.That day the cell builder can be used again. Each cell builder holds 48 grafts. So if you need 7 frames of sealed brood every 20 days you might need 3 nucs.

    As far as mating nucs go, I have 130+ 4 way, divided into 4 groups. We catch one group every 4 days. The queens are caught 16 days after receiving the cell. So for each mated queen it takes 36 days from cell builder setup to catching mated queen.

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    Default Re: The National Honey Show Part 2

    Thanks for clarifying that for me Michael, you are the man!

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    Watching the videos again with the intention of analyzing what is working for you and how I can encompass that into my modest operation, it dawned on me that you have a distincut advantage over my neck of the woods. You have the benefit of snow! Natures natural insulator. I have similar temperatures to what you experience but lack natures insulation. I seldom have the benefit of the kind of snow that you have with the issues with great fluctuations in temperature and the ever present wind. We seldom have a nice level beautiful snow storm, until we move out here I didn't realize that the snow, in some places like here, goes sideways and creates drifts 10 - 20' deep with barren land between. For instance Monday we had a high of 0 one day and the next day it was 48 for a high. Tough on bees, if we had your natural insulation (snow) it would help buffer the fluctuations in temperature.

    With that being said I have chosen to invest in nucs to over winter with time, resources, and capitol to hopefully improve the sustainability of my over the next couple of years. I know that it won't happen over night but I am bound and determined to make it happen. I'm sure you didn't wake up one day and all the pieces fit together. You seem to be, like myself, are an observer, I hope over time I will gain some of the wisdom you have obtained. My only regrets are not starting sooner, and the opportunity to work with a commercial beekeeper. There are few commercial operations here and they are primarily migratory beekeepers.



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