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    Default Re: What did you get for Christmas?

    I bought my wife one from Brushy about 6 years ago. We keep several of the things we commonly use in it. Its basically a nuc box.

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    Default Re: What did you get for Christmas?

    Quote Originally Posted by Daniel Y View Post
    I got a Kindle which I have wanted to put beekeeping books on.

    I am making a list but many of them are not available for Kindle..
    Not many on Kindle.

    Quote Originally Posted by Hokie Bee Daddy View Post
    Santa gave me one of those Stihl 200 mph backpack blowers. Man it makes quick work of leaves. I'll try it on the bee supers next summer but I suspect it'll rip the caps right off the comb.
    Backpack blowers don’t work well unless you have a kid wearing it and that is all he does. Need a handheld one without the tubes on it.

    My Christmas will be when I get my wax melter or 5k of frames on 2014 expenses.

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