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    Default Frames / Plastic Foundation - Beginner question

    I recently purchased a starter apiary from a local keeper / dealer.
    It consists of:
    A bottom board
    2 Deep Bodies
    20 wooden frames
    20 wax foundations
    inner cover
    telescoping cover

    I purchased this last fall and when i picked it up the local guy was out in the fields, so I was given little (read that as no) advice. I am enrolled in an upcoming bee class and have watched the beginners class series (all 8+ hrs) from the Knox Lincoln County Beekeepers association. I have also watched a few items from Michael Bush and have read thru a lot of his website. I am located in the midwest.

    I plan to purchase a second apiary, or build one. I have a complete wood working shop and am capable. I plan to use the frames / was foundation in the first apiary as it is already in hand.

    The item that has my head spinning is the frames and foundation. I would like to use plastic foundation is possible. But which ones and from whom? Small cell if possible. Inserts or complete plastic? I like the idea of the wooden frames and inserts. There are too many choices out there for purchase.

    Any suggestions / insight would be fantastic. I cant be the first one to be overwhelmed with the selection out there.


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    Default Re: Frames / Plastic Foundation - Beginner question

    Read as much as you can. Use the search function here, if you have a question just search it. Michael bush page is also good, but can be difficult to navigate thru the pages. Walter T. Kelley, Dadant, Brushy Mountain, Mann Lake or the main suppliers in our area. I use Walter T. Kelley because I can drive their and like the Kentucky proud company.

    Apiary - Is term for the bee yard where the hives located.

    I am frugal, so I would use the wax foundation. Just make sure you cross wire it somehow or it will bow. Fishing line is what i prefer, google fatbeeman fishing line or something like that. You'll probably need atleast 1 honey super also, the bees may or may not get to it in the first year, mediums are prefered. There are alot of opinions on type of foundation. Really any will do, I use regular size cell pierco or duragilt

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    Default Re: Frames / Plastic Foundation - Beginner question

    If you want plastic and you want small cell, you may want to consider Honey Super Cell frames. They are not cheap though.

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    Default Re: Frames / Plastic Foundation - Beginner question

    Welcome to Beesource!

    If you want small cell, and are not opposed to plastic, here is Michael Bush's opinion ...
    If you don't mind plastic, buy all Mann Lake PF120 frame/foundation so you don't have to learn to (and find time to) build frames, wire foundation etc. These have been the most successful at getting small cell comb right off the bat in my experience. If you don't like the idea of plastic, then use foundationless. Certainly foundationless is the most appealing to me as you can't get any more natural than that. I would buy the wedge top bar frames and rotate the wedge 90 degrees so it makes a comb guide.

    Here is his page with more on small cell:
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