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    Default TBH sugar feeding.

    Other than dumping sugar in the bottom of the TBH, does anyone have an ingenious way to feed dry sugar in the winter? I have made candy frames in the past, but it was a hassle and would like to avoid it if I can.
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    Default Re: TBH sugar feeding.

    I took some drone comb and put the wet sugar in that. Bees are having a marvelous time digging it out. At least I got them to touch the drone comb. Apart from that, it was quite useless.

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    Default Re: TBH sugar feeding.

    I was having the same problem. What I did was separate a few of the bares, made some fondant an put it down on top. Then put insulation around it, covered the hole top with more insulation and put the top back on. That was the only way I could feed them with out getting in to the hive. The girls like it .


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