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    Default Happy Holiday cooking! TB still alive,yay

    Greetings Everyone! Merry Christmas and Happiest of holidays! Lots of meals have honey in them this time of year don't they! I have home grown apples and pumpkin I processed for pies and muffins,etc and marinade with honey too. This first year I had little of my own honey(just a few tastes) BUT it's nice to know in the future the recipes will include MINE! Awesome,really. I love to cook anyway and having bees makes it better!

    It's been weeks of 20 degrees with as low as 7 at night and few warm ups above freezing. Well, I knew the dead had really piled up at my hive entrance inside. Today I decided to take a small slat and remove the 2 inches of clogged open screen front and remove the barrier bar I have in the rest of the entrance and just swipe out all the dead. There were 2 hundred or more dead and finally my fourth scoop a living bee came out with them. Then with the front unblocked I Finally heard buzzing and some bees came out and even though it was only 45 degrees a couple of them flew a foot around the entrance before deciding the threat was over. I closed everything back up and know I left enough bodies that they can re-block the mouse-guard entrance if they want! It was sure good to See them and know they are ready for action in there though. Our cold turns to rain real fast and although I "bothered" my cluster at the bottom,I knew all those bodies would mold in no time. I'm glad I got the bulk of them Out of there AND I got to see that my bees are still OK ! Made for a happy day! HB

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    Default Re: Happy Holiday cooking! TB still alive,yay

    Hi, HB!

    Glad to hear your bees are still alive! Mine are, as well. So far so good, anyway. It's not been too bad so far this winter but then again the worst of it usually comes in the next couple of months. It will be interesting to see how they do.



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