For a long time I have been trying to source a decent product to report GPS coordinates of different objects within a reasonable price range. Most stuff either doesn't work well or has been to expensive until now.

About a month ago I purchased and have activated a new to the market Satellite GPS tracking device that though far from being perfect is a pretty nifty device that might be a useful tool in a commercial beekeepers arsenal.

Here is an link:

You can check it out and see what you think.

!. Stolen Beehives?
2. Employees on to long of a lunch break
3. What yard are the guys at?
4. Is that semi-driver parked or moving?
5. Lost while out hunting or backpacking
6. Many more!!!!!!!!!

All for a hundred bucks a unit and a hundred a year for adequate support. Web access with text movement notifications as programmed if wanted. Downloadable excel file data available.

I have been experimenting with many uses the past few weeks. Inside hives, vehicles out doing bee work, forklifts. etc.....

Last week I shipped it to a family member who will be driving back from Alaska starting Monday 12.23.2013 driving down the AlCan to California. 3000 miles hauling empty package cages back to California.

For those of you who might be interested in following the tracking on the web I can issue share pages that will show the way points.

Once the person leaves I will set up the shared link here so you may get an idea of how it works.

Once its back and I do a few more tests I plan on purchasing additional units. Some places offer discount on 5 or more.

If you'd like just leave a short note on this thread you will get access to the Share link when I post. That's if you get email notifications from the thread.