Many of you may or may not know but the rain (drought) situation in California is starting to look pretty bad. We currently have the lowest rainfall totals since the days of record keeping was established in the mid !800's. This following a bleak rain total last year.

The forecast for the next week is dry, dry, dry. Beautiful Winter solstice morning today which might be way better in the long run if it was pouring outside right now. There are people irrigating tree crops in December to relieve the parched ground. Something I have never seen in 40+ years.

If this keeps up I think it might be time to consider the fact that this is not only possibly going to impact almond pollination but Queen and package production out of CA as well come March and April.

If we remain dry through the middle of January I think that the first affect that might be felt is cancellation of late April package orders. Once bees get out of the Almonds most of the out yards are not going to be in any condition for proper rebuilding after early shaking.

Lets hope I'm wrong because the rain comes but it is something people who rely on bees out of California need to start thinking about!!!!