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    Default Re: Northeast warmup - hive check

    Margot1d== any updates?

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    Default Re: Northeast warmup - hive check

    They are still hanging in there. I am going to put some sugar candy on today. I noticed that they were already in the top box and had emptied most of the center frame. I think they are going through stores because they are not really clustering properly. I hear them when I put my ear up to the hive. I put the center frame to the outside edge and moved the full frames to the center, is this a good idea? I could also take some frames from the outside of the other hive with more stores....any thoughts on this? I have a friend with a dead out and I might be able to borrow some frames from her so one way or another, if the make it, I will keep them feed.

    I manages to the move the hive back so they have a better flight path. I will keep you posted. Happy 2014!
    6 years-8 hives-T

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